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16. EVERLASTING INVISIBILITY (and Total Invisibility)









I never liked this guy. In fact, I’ve always taken pleasure in killing him or making him powerless. In 1995, I remember that my friend killed all Tenebraens after I sent him a saved game with Beren already unarmed. Never was a game so exciting when you kill a lot of innocent people without being punished as in Ultima 8.

There is a similar method described in the ‘It-he Software’ page called ‘Magna Carta’. Although I discovered it a long time ago, I need to say that someone had already published this technique before me, so Joseph Morris is the one to be congratulated.

To disarm Beren (in the beginning of the game) following this example, you need:

You can guess how these items work, so for the example I’ll use the three colored potions. They are all available in the beginning of the game in Tenebrae or near the Cemetery, with Skeleton Warriors.

Put all potions into your backpack (keep it open). Now enter battle mode. Beggars are usually more resistant than common peasants and they don’t move, so we’re going to attack one of them. Stand next to him, place the cursor over the blue potion in the backpack, double-right-click on it and press the PAUSE key when you’re about to kick the beggar. Just before you complete the move, double-click on the same potion. Press any key to continue the game. You’ll hit the man and immediatly fall to the ground. Don’t hasten the conversation between Beren and the Beggar, just wait until the Avatar is unfreezed. Now use the purple potion and immediatly talk to the beggar (double-left-click on him).

You must now hasten the conversation between Beren and the Beggar and after some time Beren will blow you up to pieces. After it you can dismiss the insolent beggar (and then the screen shall center on you) and drink the black potion (optional**). There, you’re done. Just carry your remains and drop them into the water to avoid trouble (because the end of the animation of your severed hand will trigger a flag that will kill you if the purple potion power wears out).

If you want, instead of kicking the man, you can light a flask of oil (bottle) or a fire gem. It’ll be much easier because you will have much more time to prepare yourself. Now you can attack any Tenebraen you want without being distubed.

(*) You can try any variations you want. The method explained during the example helps because, normally, everybody wants to get rid of Beren as soon as possible, so all items there can be found near the beginning of the game. Hint: Potions can be easily found in the first house near the East entrance of Tenebrae (the one that has a man reading Toran’s book).






Beren definetly lost all respect from the Avatar. When you meet him (after you free Hydros) near the River of Lava, he’ll start automatically a conversation with you, which is split into two parts. During the second part he’ll say that, while in their Enclave, you live at the Sorcerers’ pleasure. What he says in the first part depends on his level of madness and if you’ve already met him.

Note1: If you want to skip this conversation, either jump from the Northwestern side of the map to the middle islet (be sure to walk over the raised area of the islet or you’ll trigger the conversation) or don’t release Hydros and use the tecnique described in the section ULTIMA 8 CAN BE A NON-LINEAR GAME!.

More stuff:

After you are given your truename (Daemion), thus enabling you to bind fire spells to foci, you can kill Beren easily by throwing him into the Lava (at the River of Lava). To do this, jump to the egg bound that triggers the conversation, but, before you reach it, double-click on the Focus of the Flash Spell (you can use anything that can unfreeze the Avatar, but eventually you’ll need to center him on the screen, so you’ll save time), but do not cast it yet.

When the second part of the conversation is beginning, double-click on Beren (while the cursor is still a cross-hair target). He’ll stop the conversation and teleport to the lava field (as if he was trying to begin the conversation again). Eventually, he may be engulfed in molten lava (it’s a matter of trial and error).

Now, after the dirt work, you may cast properly the Flash Spell (to a safe place, of course).

Note2: You can use this technique to continue the game after you chose to anger Beren. Just don’t double-click on him.


But you’re completely wrong if you think I’m done with Beren (I hate this guy!). Visit my Lab: CLONES LAB – A RESEARCH ON RESURRECTION.





This another section for cheaters, yet, somehow different. If you issue some Sorcerer for the Calling (id est, you attack him/her) without following the rules described by Vardion and Bane, rob or anger another Sorcerer, you will be forever at war with all of them, no matter how many times you reload the map. If you cast Confusion Blast, sometimes it may work, but its effects won’t last much time (talk to them when this happen. Beren will say: ‘I will now give you the most important lesson of your life. Learn it well, I'll only be able to teach it to you once, fool!’).

The only way back here is through cheating. Leave the map first. Press F9, click on View/Edit and then on Usecode Flags and type the flag ‘avatarMasterSorcerer’ (it’s CASE SENSITIVE). Change its value to 0 (zero). Note that you must have enabled change Usecode Flags earlier.

Also, check which Sorcerers went berserk. Use this usecode flag: ‘***Mad’, where ‘***’ can be: malchir, arcadion, vardion, bane, beren, gorgrond (notice the lower case). Change all their values to 0 (zero). If they are completely mad at you, this value should be 3 (forget about Disciples, they are no trouble).

Now you can return to their Enclave and make them believe that nothing ever happened.



16. EVERLASTING INVISIBILITY (and Total Invisibility)


There are two ways to make yourself invisible forever. The first one is by blowing yourself up. In order to do so, you have to light a flask of oil, read the Trixter’s book inside of your backpack or let Beren do the work. To return to yourself again, just make yourself invincible, unfreeze and center yourself in the screen (to do this by talking, make sure you talk to somebody before you become invisible or you’ll have to reload a previously saved game). Throw your body remains into the water to avoid trouble.

The second method is simpler, but it’s only available near the end of the game. Just make yourself invisible by any means and then use the Flash Spell or be teleported either by the Master or by his portal.






When you took the Breath of Wind from Stratos, you severed her link with the Theurgists. But you should be able to cast the spells since you have its power now. Although the story line of the game didn’t mean to make this possible, you can continue to cast air based spells even after you take this Blackrock fragment.

To do so, you must make Stratos think you did not fetch the Breath of Wind. This is done by not putting this item into your backpack while she is in the screen. To be explicit, cast a Reveal Spell or use a Restore to Sight Scroll and the Blackrock fragment will appear. Now cast an Aerial Servant Spell to catch it and choose the platform you are as its destination. Now throw this item from platform to platform until you are far enough from Stratos (just take care you don’t fall into the water bellow). Now you can take the Breath of Wind and return to Argent Rock (preferably using the Recall item). If you were successful, every air based spells shall work, including those of other Theurgists (and Stellos will not die).

Alternatively, you can modify this flag. Press F9, click on View/Edit and then on Usecode Flags and type ‘hasBreath’ (it’s CASE SENSITIVE). Change its value to 0. Note that you must have enabled change Usecode Flags earlier.





As you already know, you can use the Breath of Wind on Stratos (at Argent Rock) as a means to get her powers and also to grant you access to the Ethereal Void. What you probably didn’t get, is the fact that you can do this trick with Pyros, using the Tongue of Flame - but can’t with Lithos (it’s only possible if you cheat) and Hydros (you only say ‘Hmmm’) - , as long as you are able to unfreeze and center the Avatar in the screen (hint Flash Spell).

Another blackrock trick can be played to fool the Titans. When you reach Hydros in the Plane of Water, open your backpack and inside of it make the four usable blackrock fragments visible, one near the other. Afterwards you can use any of them to drain Hydros’ power. Preferably, use the Tear of the Seas first; then immediatly Pause the game (Pause Key) and choose another one while paused (preferably the Tongue of Flame). Unpause and Pause again. A crosshair target shall appear while the screen is paused. Use it on Hydros and it will also work and will drain even more power from the Titan. Poor Hydros... repeat for the other fragments (preferably the Heart of Earth and lastly the Breath of Wind), but timing it can be very difficult, so save your game first before trying this, or you will waste your time searching for the other Titans.

Hint: If you dropped them on the ground, double-click on the Obelisk Tip in order to get them all at once quickly.





This section will reveal how the Zealans most possibly raided Tenebrae, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the Pagan defences. There are many ways to traverse a wall or any barrier (even invisible) that prevents you from reaching the other side. I will explain the ones I still remember:

  1. Cheating: Hackmove yourself or the wall to get access to other areas. Just press ‘H’ on your keyboard or, alternatively, press F9, highlight ‘Toggle’ Menu and click over the Hackmove option.
  2. Find secret buggy passages throughout Pagan
  3. Scale the wall itself, houses, pillars, etc to reach higher places.
  4. Scale the wall using piles of junk such as skeletons, blankets, wooden planks, etc.
  5. Use a shortcut: Walk over water or lava to go to impossible-to-reach places. See sections ME, A TEMPEST? and ME, A DAEMON? for instructions.
  6. (Tricky method!)
  7. Blow yourself up (preferably two times to become visible again – using Flasks of Oil inside of your backpack) facing the wall in the northwestern most point (id est, arrow pointing up). You’ll traverse the wall as if you were ethereal. After this, the only thing remaining to do is to center the screen on you (probably using the Flash Spell, since it’d be difficult to find many people inside caverns and dungeons). This is the most recommended method, because it works almost everytime (but don’t try to do this at the very edge of the map or else the game will crash).


  1. At the cave to the Plateau, you can find at least two secret passages: the first one is located right after the jumping puzzle. Refer to Dino’s Ultima 8 Guide for the correct location. The second one is located near the lever puzzle: you must become invulnerable first, then let yourself fall from the western edge of the screen. If you succeed, you’ll fall very near the water. Now, go westwards: you’ll find that there’s no wall there and you can explore the whole map area. There are many other passages such as these in the game, but it’s up to you to find them.
  2. In the Upper Catacombs, you can climb over pillars or walls of some buildings in order to reach the ceiling. For instance, try to climb over the tomb of Kaylith Treasurer. After this stack two skeletons, one over the other, step over them, and then you can jump and grab the edge of the ceiling of the Catacombs. Now you may pull yourself up and you can go anywhere you want (try to search for the Shrine of the Ancients). Another location that you can use to reach the ceiling of the Catacombs is that high place (that you can reach via some broken stairs) where there is a chest.

  4. In the Lower Catacombs you can also use a similar (but easier) trick. There is a place that has two pillars with some small fire over them. Ignore the fire and climb on one of the pillars. Now climb up to the ceiling. Not much fun or challenge, but still you can explore the whole map (try to search for the Cheat Room).
  5. If there aren’t any structures to help you reach higher places, you can create your own stairs or walls. In the catacombs there is plenty of skeletons to help you build one. However, sometimes invisible walls may prevent you from reaching certain higher areas such as the Valley mountains. But this is often not a problem because there is always a place where the programmers forget to insert these invisible walls and you can pass through them (Also regarding invisible walls and artificial stairs, try to pile up a lot of wooden planks or skeletons for you to be able to jump over the locked doors of the Ghost Armor sub-quest. Be sure to become invulnerable first or you will fall to your death).
  6. But the best method is the Blow-Up one. Using this method you can even enter Tenebrae without seeing the Execution Scene. I will explain it briefly: Begin the game and fetch the bedroll. Go to the gate guard and save your game to avoid problems. Kill the guard. Look for his belongings. If there are, at least, two oil flasks, take them. If not, reload the game and continue killing him over and over again until he has the flasks. Now go to Devon. Attack him. Make him follow you to the gate. Leave him there and go away from there as fast as you can. After running for, let’s say, 10 screens, stop and sleep for one period. Wake up and return to Devon. Now you can probably talk to him again. If not, go away again and sleep more. The process to traverse the gate will begin now. Firstly, place yourself as near to the gate as possible and double-click on both oil flasks (inside of your backpack) to light them. Wait until you say ‘Bye-Bye!’ and then talk immediately to Devon. Now, rapidly, click on the ‘Bye-Bye!’ quote to make yourself explode. Make sure you see two explosions and then dismiss Devon as fast as you can. Finally, enter Tenebrae before your severed hands stop moving, or else, you’ll die. It seems difficult, but after you try this technique once or twice, you’ll see that it is rather easy... and tricky.






Parenthesis: I’ve recently released a savegame file available either in my homepage or at Dino’s Ultima Page. It doesn’t interfere with the story line, and all the changes that are explained in this section can be easily accessed by downloading this file.


  1. Introduction:
  2. If you think that the spell of resurrection should be implemented in the game, worry no more. There is a way to resurrect people, replacing them by some clones. Nowadays, here in Earth, some people are trying to clone their children, parents and dear friends as a means of bringing them back from the dead. Although these guys were not successful and nothing has been proved yet, they do not consider that the ones they are trying to resurrect are long gone and that they are only creating similar new beings. However, in Pagan you can actually revive someone, although the clone in which the soul is inserted is not alike to the original person; instead, he is a copy of a model of creature that lives in Pagan.

    If you ever travel to Pagan, you must follow these instructions in order to resurrect somebody you wish back. The ritual may be a little macabre (because it’s a world dominated by the Guardian), but they are really necessary. If you don’t like to cheat, you’ll only be able to resurrect the people of Daemon’s Crag. Don’t be sad. You’ll find an utility for this soon. Suffice to say for now that the cloned person will have the same strength and weakness of the matrix one.


  3. The Example:
  4. First of all, arrive at Daemon’s Crag and back-up your current game. Disarm a Sorcerer (don’t do this if you want to talk to him/her again, unless you cheat or he is a Disciple). Bring the angered Sorcerer, dead or alive, to the Great Pentacle (after Pyros is summoned, before it recovers its powers from the Tongue of Flame) and he/she will vanish; or make him/her sink into soft lava. After this, there are several ways to create the Sorcerer’s clone. To simplifly, I’ll mention only one method now, but before this, save your game in another slot just to avoid losing your normal game.

    Go to a place where there is another person and just cast the Summon Creature Spell. Place the creature anywhere (try to notice if it behaves strangely) and tell it to attack the nearby person. Now, run away before it actually attacks him/her (reload the scenario) and return to it. Click over the creature and if nothing appears, reload your previously saved game; but if the name of the mage you killed appears, you made it! You’ve resurrected the Sorcerer by creating (sort of) a clone of his. Now, reload the map and go to the house where the Sorcerer whom you killed used to live. He’ll be there living a normal life (or not!).


  5. This was just an example. Now I will describe the process in detail using the Cheat program.
    1. What will help you?
    2. What do you need to begin?
    3. The beginning...
    4. Press F9 and teleport to NPC 31 (U8NPC), who is Gorgrond. No need to talk to anybody here.

      Go somewhere on this map where there is soft lava. Pick up one piece using the hackmover (make sure you have the correct piece and that no Sorcerer is near you to find you guilty of ‘stealing’ the scenario) and put it in your backpack. Alternatively, you may create a piece by yourself by looking for the correct type and frame for the soft lava (U8gfx) and creating it by using the (new) commands from the menu Create or Give (U8menu). Using the Information option in the Cheat menu may also help you know the correct Type and Frame (for it look for the section CREATING OBJECTS ahead).

      Put the piece of lava under the NPC (or the NPC over the lava) you wish to Clone or drop the corpse of a NPC you wish to be resurrected into the lava.

    5. How to Clone or Resurrect a NPC
    6. Note1: Take care if you’re dealing with Sorcerers. Follow the instructions from the example above and read MODIFYING FLAGS and CALM DOWN, DAMNED SORCERERS! sections. (Without cheating) If someone dies without your direct influence (for instance, Bane or Vardion can be killed during the Ritual of Fire by Pyros, and one of them is certainly killed during the Daemon event), he or she will not be angry with you, so you can throw his or her body into molten lava and you can resurrect the deceased Sorcerer later. The only problem is that you must use a spell that defines the target after the creature is created, in this case, The Summon Creature spell. Before you cast it, double-click on the Recall Item. Now, quickly, cast the spell and define the monster destination. Before you define your target, however, teleport yourself out of the Enclave. After you arrive, let’s say, in Tenebrae, you may do what you want and the resurrected Sorcerer will not be angered and you can talk to him or her again. The same can be applied if any ‘happy’ (not angry) Sorcerer dies falling directly into soft lava (very difficult) or if you kill one of them in one hit (very easy with Call Destruction, except for Arcadion -that can be eliminated with Banish Daemon-,, Beren and Malchir).

      Note2: To avoid problems with mages (Mordea, Vividos, Mythran, NPCs calling Beren, etc.), if it’s possible, make the clone attack another creature or person instead of yourself; if it isn’t, use an invulnerability spell and be prepared because unfreezing or centering the screen on the Avatar may be necessary. Better yet, enter dead-mode (press ‘alt-4’)

      Note3: Theurgists may flee if you don’t (or can’t) specify an enemy for them to attack. Similar to when you assault them. Weaklings! To solve this problem, enter dead-mode (press ‘alt-4’) before creating your clone or specify a target (other than yourself) to be attacked.

      Note4: To create an item, see the section CREATING OBJECTS.


  6. What is possible to be created here (after you are done with step [III]):
    1. Kith, Troll, Seeker, Changeling, Avatar
    2. Cast Summon Creature anywhere. The creature that appears is ramdomly chosen, so save your game first if you want a specific result. If you want the NPC transformed into a Changeling, simply reload the map after you’ve created one or cast the Confusion Blast Spell. If, instead, you want an Avatar, reload the scenario after you’ve created a Changeling; when you return, you’ll see that it will shapeshift into the Avatar. Now reload the map or cast the Confusion Blast Spell to make it up with the NPC. Note: This spell automatically unfreezes the Avatar and also lets you choose the clone’s target, so this is usually the best option, if not the only one.

    3. Ghoul
    4. There are a lot of Ghouls lying down just like actual dead bodies waiting for you to appear (in the Cemetery, Catacombs, etc.). To make your clone as a Ghoul, just wake up one. No need to find the correct body in the City of Dead to resurrect a person.

    5. Aerial Servant
    6. Not the ones that help you. The ones that want to kill you in the Plane of Air. To create the clone, simply talk to Stratos there (use the cheat teleporter or the Ethereal Travel Spell) and many of them shall appear. Now teleport yourself out of there before they do something bad (like toasting you or fleeing like cowards). By the way, the coordinates to Stratos are: (x,y,z)=(14889,3891,176) on map 46.

    7. Daemon
    8. If you thought about casting Summon Daemon Spell, you are wrong! The correct answer would be casting Summon Daemon for Idiots. Yes, that Sorcerer Spell that had no apparent utility.



  7. What isn’t possible to use (or I was incompetent to find out):

  9. Funny things to do with this cloning stuff:

  11. Problems:

  13. Notes from Kobra Kai:



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This Guide is Copyrighted (©) 2003 to Elton Kheid Takara

Ultima, Avatar and Pagan are trademarks of Origin Systems and Eletronic Arts