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Secrets and Gameplay Guide – For Advanced Players Only!

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1. MODIFYING FLAGS (Beware! It can destroy your game, save first!)


To modify flags, you need to download first the respective file compiled by the Mad Hatter, the U8flag. Also, you must have the cheat program installed in your current game. Afterwards, if you follow the instructions correctly, you’ll be given a list of available Flags (in the file U8flags.txt).

After you have the control of the Avatar, simply press F9 (F7 for the unpatched version). If no bug occurs, a blue screen should appear with a menu in the top of the screen. Now click on View/Edit and then the option Usecode Flags should be enabled now. Click on it. Now you can type any Flag listed on the file U8flags.txt that you wish to modify. Beware, because it’s CASE SENSITIVE. You are only able to change its value to any of the specified values (Sorcerers attack you when their irritation values reach 3, but you can’t type this number). Some interesting things to do with it (some of them have already been explained in the Guide):





To create objects, you need to download first the respective file compiled by the Mad Hatter, the U8menu. Also, you must have the cheat program installed in your current game. With this file, you can choose which cheat options (from the menu) you wish to enable. Since Ultima8 has a limited amount of memory to allocate these options, you’ll not be able to activate them all. Just elimminate the useless options, such as ‘Blow Up!’, ‘Time’, ‘Key’ or ‘Staff’. Be sure to enable: ‘Create’ (creates an item anywhere), ‘Give’ (creates an item inside of a container) and ‘Destroy’ (deletes an item).

After that you can Create Items. Choose ‘Create’ from the cheat menu, enter the correct Type Value and, afterwards, the Frame Value. If you don’t know your item values for Type and Frame, use the Information option to check it for you, if you already have an available sample of item with you. If not, try to search for it using the U8gfx program. It may take a while, but I’m sure you will find it. You can create items whose Types range from 2 to 851.

The game will ask if you want Default quality and quantity. If you want only one item, select yes and a crosshair target will appear and you’ll be able to place the item; if you want more, select no and choose quality (usually 0, except for books, scrolls, etc.) and quantity (just don’t create an excessive amount of items on the screen or many things, including parts of the scenario, will disappear).

For example, let’s create some things that I mentioned in the Clones section:

Format: *Item: Type/Frame*

Morgaelin Dragon had a great collection of peculiar items. With his permission, I’m here to describe his findings:

To complete this section, I also found some (not so) interesting things:



3. ULTIMA 8 TROUBLESHOOTING MENU (From Ultima 8 instruction manual)


To activate it, at Ultima8 directory, type ‘U8 –test’. If you’re running U8 in windows9x, right-click the ‘U8W.EXE’ file and click Properties. Somewhere you’ll find the Command Line (for example: ‘C:\ULTIMA8\U8W.EXE’) and simply add ‘-test’ to it (and it’ll become ‘C:\ULTIMA8\U8W.EXE –test’). Nothing much here. It lets you check the integrity of the game files, view your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS and test the SFX and MUSIC. After you’re done, you may either quit to DOS or to PAGAN.





This section will describe some things that were either omitted from the game or not explained in the game.



Avatar: ‘Where is this place?’ (about the Pilgrimage)

Vividos: ‘You must return to the catacombs. First go into the Upper Catacombs. Once there, seek out the signs that mark the way. I would think that you have already seen them. There are signs which guide you to many places. The Pit of Death is one of those places.’

Avatar: ‘Is there a haunted grove?’

Mythran: ‘A haunted grove of trees? Well, I have heard such rumors applied to a circle of dead trees here on the plateau, though I will not confirm the existence of undead there.’



5. WHAT SHOULD BE DIFFERENT? (In my opinion)


- Inspired by the work of Hacki Dragon (in his Nitpicks Page), to whom I dedicate this section.

In this section, I will try to discriminate all bugs, plot mistakes, plot holes and even some in-game peculiarities that I consider most relevant. If you have any suggestions or contributions, feel free to e-mail me. However, I cannot guarantee that I’ll add them all either because I don’t agree with the ideas or because I don’t think they are relevant enough (you know, my selfishness counts here, sorry). Moreover, I don’t know if I’ll ever update this guide again.

If you want to discover more about lost parts of the game (or if you want to read all the books, dialogues, etc.), open the file Eusecode.flx using a text editor such as Microsoft Word.


  1. General Gameplay:

  3. Avatar:

  5. General NPC:

  7. Magic, Mages:

  9. Enemies:

  11. Storyline (specific):



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This Guide is Copyrighted (©) 2003 to Elton Kheid Takara

Ultima, Avatar and Pagan are trademarks of Origin Systems and Eletronic Arts